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Daily Planet Publishing, conceived in 1987 and formerly organized in 1988, was incorporated as the parent company of the Inland Empire Business Journal.

The Daily Planet's 1988 business plan detailed the 1990 growth and diversification of the radio program Southern California Focus, the 1991 development of art gloss covers, special focus sections, as well as the 1992 emergence of the Business Journal's signature sections and the Inland Empire TV News television program.

The Inland Empire Business Journal was specifically developed to fulfill the informational needs of the Inland Empire and to offer businesses an effective medium to reach the non-retail corporate market, in addition to satisfying all the informational needs of its audience.

The booming Inland Empire market is comprised of almost 50,000 non-retail businesses and boasts a $30 billion-a-year economy. The demands of effectively covering a complex market such as this are tremendous. The Inland Empire Business Journal exists for the sole purpose of meeting this challenge.

Almost every major metropolitan area of the United States has a successful business journal, which proves the effectiveness of this concept for covering the local business market.

Our special programs, such as the daily radio business show Southern California Focus and the television broadcasts like Southern Exposure and the Inland Empire TV News, open up the electronic media to the Inland Empire in a new and innovative manner.

A number of the nation's most successful companies, such as Proctor & Gamble, General Motors and AT&T, have carefully scrutinized their advertising investments, mediums and markets and arrived at the same decision. Cable television advertising to the retail market offers one of the biggest payoffs.

Daily Planet is has opened the door to this rapidly-growing medium with Inland Empire TV News.

Local news programs have been sprouting up all over the cable TV spectrum. In places like New York City, Chicago and Orange County, these specialized news shows have garnered a great deal of attention for both their insightful local coverage and advertising potential.

To fully understand the potential of this burgeoning advertising market, one has to understand the nature of the business. Prior to the introduction of cable television, there were basically three different mediums available for business to reach the retail market: radio, broadcast TV and print. However, now through the benefits of cable television, advertisers have the ability to harness all of the favorable aspects of each of these mediums through one connection.

Cable retail ads provide the excitement and power of television, the affordability and frequency of of radio and the demographic and targeting ability of print.

Local advertising on cable television has jumped by nearly 40% during the past two years proving that businesses are beginning to realize the tremendous benefits of the cable medium.

Also, annual informational programs such as the Women & Business Expo and the Inland Empire Economic Forecast Conference open the door for unique advertising opportunities to this region. The success of these promotions speaks for itself. The Economic Forecast Conference has experienced steadily increasing attendance, and the Women & Business Expo is an annual sell-out with attendance exceeding 1,500.

General circulation media, such as the local daily newspapers, cannot afford to bring detailed business information to their broad audiences, nor can they offer a focused business medium, but the Inland Empire Business Journal can. We reach the business market like no other business to business medium.

What does all this mean for you? It means, if your business targets the non-retail, corporate market in the Inland Empire, the best place to invest your marketing dollars is with the Inland Empire Business Journal. It also means, that if you are selling to the retail market, our radio and cable TV advertising opportunities are a must.

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