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Business Journal Profile

Inland Empire Business Journal is a monthly tabloid newspaper that is read by over 120,000 business owners, key executives, and professionals who shape the Inland Empire, Orange County, San Diego County, and Los Angeles County business.

Editorial Objective

To serve the informational needs of the Inland Empire business community. This is accomplished by localizing national business news as it pertains specifically to the unique Inland Empire business market. The Inland Empire Business Journal holds a strong dedication in providing educational and practical news information to enhance the productivity of business in the Inland Empire.

Editorial Design

The Inland Empire Business Journal delivers a four-tiered editorial format to satisfy the local decision maker's need for local in-depth business news:

  1. FRONT PAGE NEWS - consists of in-depth local business news; it is timely and informative. It often scoops the daily newspaper because of the extra time that goes into in-depth, interpretative coverage.

  2. PEOPLE SIDE OF LOCAL BUSINESS - highlights local business personalities and their successes, which includes entrepreneur, company close-up, and people in the news.

  3. STATISTICAL DATA - is a reporting on local business mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcies, company earnings, expansions and new products; local company personnel promotions. There is also a listing and ranking of a local category of a business in each issue.

  4. FOCUS EDITIONS - valuable reference information that is often clipped out and saved, reports on a specific industry and gives in-depth analysis such as banking and finance, high tech electronics, real estate development and health care.

Filling the Void

Most Business Journals got their start in the boom years of the late 1970s and early 1980s. This explosive growth was fueled by the realization of the importance of small business to the American economy. Many national business magazines were established, and daily newspapers launched expanded business news sections to fulfill this need. These sections offered more news -- but not necessarily the new and information needed by business executives to effectively run their businesses. Business journals today are perceived as a "must read." The business journals report on small companies and industries that have been overlooked by other media. They focus on the local movers and shakers and serve as a unique reference by which to gauge the vitality of the local business economy. And as business journals have grown in following and influence, they have taken on the role of being the advocate for change in the business community.

The Product

Often described as a hybrid of a newspaper and a magazine, business journals provide a local newspaper focus with the aesthetics of a magazine. Business journals are written, edited and published in the communities they serve, their tabloid size and modular layout aid busy executives in finding the information they need.

Business journals have been recognized by national media for breaking local stories that carry national implications. They frequently receive awards from local and national press associations for outstanding business reporting.

The Reader

Business journal readership skews toward top executives possessing significant personal and business purchasing power. According to Erdos and Morgan, the profile of the typical reader is shown:

62%In top-management positions
79%Work in small-to medium-size companies
89%Influence the purchase or lease of services at their companies
84%Influence the purchase or lease of products at their companies
89%Own their homes with an average value of $258,000
96%Hold investments with an average value of $409,000
71%Are minimum four-year college graduates
$124,000Is their average household income
$881,000Is their average net worth

The Litmus Test

Have business journals been successful? The answer is a resounding "YES." Having saturated the top 100 markets in the United States, they now are moving into the next 40. Nearly 80% of their readers renew their subscriptions each year, one of the highest renewal rates in the publishing industry.

Business journal readers are highly involved. They spend an average of more than 30 minutes reading a typical issue. And they pass is on to at least two other business associates. More than 59% rely on it as their primary source of local business news. Advertisers cannot reach this highly-qualified and exclusive readership in national publications.

Advertising Prowess

In addition to being an indispensable news medium, the business journals also have provided a new means for local business-to-business advertisers to successfully reach customers and prospects. In fact, business journals are a cost-efficient medium which both small and large advertisers can use in reaching a highly desirable audience.

Business journals offer numerous options for advertisers to reach their customers, be it the visibility of run-of-paper, the responsiveness of inserts, the industry-specific content of the special editorial sections or the high utilization and shelf-life of directories.

Beyond the Numbers
  Business Journals Daily Newspapers
Target Audience Business Executives General Public
Where Read Office Home
Reader Mind-Set Business Broad
Why Subscribers Subscribe Return on Investment Habit
Readers per Copy 3.58-Valued News Resource 2.58-Low Percieved Value
Content Specific for Some Something for Everyone
Editorial Thrust All Local Companies Fortune 500 Companies
Layout and Design Executive Readability Confusion, Clutter
Content and Structure Reader-Driven Editor-Driven
Ad Environment Business-to-Business Consumer,Reatail

Percentage of Our Subscribers Who Buy or Influence
the Purchase of Business-to-Business Products.
Company Cars41%
Computer Hardware68%
Computer Hardware68%
Computer Software77%
Office Furniture78%
Office Machines75%
Office Supplies62%
Phone Systems40%
Security Systems40%
Other Capital Equip51%

Percentage of our subscribers who buy or influence
the purchase of business-to-business services.
Accounting Services52%
Building Maintenance72%
Employee Benefits62%
Express Delivery52%
Health Insurance63%
Legal Services53%
Personal Services47%
Real Estate35%

Personal Statistics
Median Age38

Financial Statistics
Median Household Income$112,000
Own Second Home24%

Reader Profile
44%Currently Looking for New Home ($183,500 avrg. Value)
93%Travel for Pleasure (Averaging 8 trips a year)
61%Travel Regularly on Business (averaging 9.3 trips a year)
61%Invest in Real Estate
65%Regularly Dine Out for Breakfast 2 Times a Week on Average
61%Make Travel Accommodations
72%Make Travel for Business Accommodations
78%Regularly Dine Out for Dinner 3 Times a Week on Average For Pleasure
85%Regularly Dine Out for Lunch 3 Times a Week on Average
51%Invest in Stock Market

Business Journal Profile

Studies have shown that for the first quarter most businesses cut their advertising expenditures, however, the top 200 best known brand companies increased their advertising by more than 6%.

Source: LNA/Arbitron Multi-Media Service

Rather than cutting advertising, the most successful companies decided to better target their audiences and direct their advertising to the groups they want to reach.

The Inland Empire Business Journal already has proven that it has a loyal audience of more than 100,000 business professionals and corporate clients.

Furthermore, in addition to the specialized advertising opportunity the Business Journal represents, we are dedicated to quality and providing the most professional--service in the industry.

The Inland Empire Business Journal already has proven that It has a loyal audience of more than 100,000 business professionals and corporate clients.

We offer a variety of incentives and special marketing packages that will enable you to utilize these dynamic marketing tools to receive maximum results.

Our goal is to bring your company more business and strengthen your company's image. Our team can accomplish this for you. As publisher, I guarantee that every facet of the organization from editorial, to production to marketing is working for YOU, so that every dollar you spend is obtaining the utmost results.

We believe that by doing our job well, we earn your business.

Put our team to work for you and see the results!

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