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County of San Bernardino
Incorporated 1911
Population 94,700
Area 24 Sq. Miles
Housing Units 25,293

City Council

Grace Vargas, Mayor
Joseph H. Sampson, Mayor Pro Tem
Deborah Robertson, Councilmember
Winnie Hanson, Councilmember
Kurt Wilson, Councilmember
Edward J. Carrillo, City Treasurer
Barbara A. McGee, City Clerk

The Rialto City Council and
The Redevelopment Agency Board can be reached at:
150 S. Palm, Rialto, CA 92376.
Phone: (909) 820-2525
Fax: (909) 820-2527

Planning Commission

Rod Taylor, Director
Doreen R. Baylus, Vice Chair
Dale Z. Estvander
Dan L. Mays
Al H. Twine
Kurt Wilson

Planning Commission members can
be reached at Phone: (909) 820-2535

Department Heads

Henry Garcia, City Adm. 909 820-2689
Robert Owen, City Attorney 874-2390
Brad Baxter, Dir. of Public Works 820-2608
June Overholt, Act. Dir. of Finance 820-2544
Steve Wells, Fire Chief 820-2501
Michael Story, Dir. of Develop. Svcs. 421-7246
Michael Meyers, Police Chief 820-2555
Richard Scanlan, Dir. of Airp./Solid Waste Mmngt. 820-2622
Wayne McAfee, Human Resources Dir. 820-2599
Larry Thornburt, Dir. of Rec. & Comm. Svcs. 421-4949
Robb Steel, Econ, Dev. Dir, 879-1140
Larry Thornburg, Dir. of Rec./Comm Svcs. 820-2614
Kirby Warner, Assist. City Admin. 421-4969

Chamber of Commerce

Gus Theisan, President 909 874-8840
Columbia Steel, Inc.

Gary Brown, Past President 874-1644
Pyro Spectaculars, Inc.

Adelle Leber, VP of Membership 874-1361
Crestview Convalescent Hospital

Judy Roberts, V.P. Comm. Affairs 357-7357
Las Colinas, Adopt a neighbor program

Michael Pate, Treasurer 854-3404
Community Bank

Midge Zupanic, V.P. Economic Devel. 428-7176
Pyro Spectaculars, Inc.

Jim Tatosian 429-4200
Edco Disposal

John Brockhouse 820-1000
Brockhouse & Carter, C.P.A.

Denise Jackson 514-8412
Hometown Buffet

Al Keyes 873-8021

Suzanne Morgan 421-0103
Arrowhead Central Credit Union

Marvia Vincent 889-9267
RAMROD Seniors’ Housing, Inc.

Robert Owen, Esq., Honorary, Gen. Council 890-9027
Owen, Bradley & Bartram

Marilyn Cardosi, Liaison 820-7700
Rialto Unified School District

Dennis Mobley, Liaison 386-2470
S.B. County Superintendent of Schools

Kurt Wilson, Liaison 820-2586
City of Rialto

Linda Salazar 386-3990
The Sun Newspaper

Dan Jordan 429-7891
Marketing Energetics

Beverly Powell 307-6742
Southern California Edison

Diane Rambo-Hogans 888-0131
Foothill Villas

Executive Director 875-5364
Roslyn Garner Chamber Office

The Chamber of Commerce can be reached at:
120 N. Riverside, Rialto, CA 92376
Phone: (909) 875-5364, Fax: (909) 875-6790

Various Commissions

Personnel Advisory Board
Maurine L. Schaffer, Chair Jeanne Newell
Brock Kasnick Julius Hemingway
Artist Gilbert

Simonson Center Commission
Richard Poole, Chairperson Joe Britt
George Rosensteel Winnie Hanson
Mary Gonzales

Airport Commission
Vic H. Brimmer, Chairperson Carl Morgan
Francis Kimble-Montgomery James Duff
Robert W. Hughbanks

Mobile Home Rent Review Commission
John M. McClure, Chairperson
John Brockhouse Alfred Matthews
Ignacio Contreras Tom Russell

Recreation, Parks& Social Services
Sandy McKinley, Dir. John Silva
Harold Bender Frances Brooks
Roselie King-Berggren Edgar Hughes
Connie L. Sanford Soledad Mordan


Telephone 800 491-2355
Pacific Bell

Gas 800 427-2200
Southern Calif. Gas Co.

Electric 800 684-8123
Southern Calif. Edison Co.

Water & Sewer 875-1805
West San Bernardino Water Dist.

Rialto Water Dept. 820-2546

Engineering Dept. 820-2530

Trash 877-1596
Edco Company

Cable Service 798-3588 Adelphia

Community Services

Library 909 875-0144
San Bernardino County Branch
251 W. First St.

Post Office 875-1522
241 W. Rialto Ave.

Police 820-2578
128 N. Willow Ave.

Fire 820-2501
131 S. Willow Ave.

Bus Transportation 825-8341
School District 820-7700
Rialto School District
182 E. Walnut Ave.

Senior Center 820-2616

Parks & Recreation 820-2612
214 N. Palm Ave.

Rialto Municipal Airport 820-2622

Top Employers

Rialto Unified School District
2,000 employees

Life Tile Corp. 420

Eagle Roof 250

Fleetwood Travel Trailers 235

International Multi-Foods 200

Toys-R-Us 200

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